General Information

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Tickets for 2018 are SOLD OUT. Please call (760) 610-2852 to be added to the waitlist.

Tax Deductions
A portion of the cost of your tickets may be tax deductible under Internal Revenue Service rules and guidelines.

You may cancel and receive a refund by November 1.

On-Site Sales
We do not sell tickets onsite. All tickets must be reserved prior to your arrival at the hotel.

When available, you may upgrade Emerald Select or Reserved seating tickets. An additional fee applies.

Dinner Menus
Each evening program features a sumptuous dinner for those who purchase the lecture/dinner package. The menus offer a first course, entree and dessert. Optional entrees, including meatless or fish, are available for those with dietary restrictions. Please call the Desert Town Hall office for menu details.

Please make your optional menu selection at least 72 hours in advance.

Assisted Listening
Assisted listening devices are available for the hearing impaired.  Please call the Desert Town Hall office at (760) 610-2852 at least one week in advance to reserve a device.